Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Specialized Enterprise Resource Planning with proven Implementation, Upgrade, Value Maximization & Support Services for all Industry Verticals

KEG Technologies ERP consultants provide a wealth of business vertical knowledge and technical expertise to meet your short-term goal realization or long-term TCO reduction needs. Our global delivery models cater to all Enterprise Resource Planning suites, such as SAP, Oracle, SunGuard SCT, and PeopleSoft.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning services include:


  • Full-cycle Implementation of solutions ranging from business case consulting to final production
  • Technical Implementation solutions focusing on the technical aspects of the implementation with global partners providing the functional components


  • Full Functional Upgrade Services migrate, enhance, and extend the existing functionality using new release features
  • Technical Upgrade Services migrate, fine tune and improve the existing functionality in the new release


  • Technical Maintenance Services provide proactive monitoring, preventative enhancements, and production system improvements
  • User Support Services provide Level 1, 2, and 3 user-related management activities
  • Remote Basis Support monitors, controls and improves the response time and performance of various technical components of the system, such as OS, Database, Middleware, Application Server, and Web Server.

Value Maximization Services

  • System Knowledge Management Services acquires, aggregates, accredits, and accumulates information in a role-based, time sensitive manner to enhance the maintenance of the system
  • Performance Tuning Services analyzes trends, identifies performance problems, compares alternatives, designs solutions, and deploys system testing using Six Sigma techniques to quantitatively justify the solution approach
  • Business Process Streamlining Services compares the business process execution with alternatives available in the system to identify possible improvements and enhancements